5th Annual Urban Film Festival Announces Festival Ambassadors Master P and Romeo; 2020 Festival Dates

Urban Film Festival (UFF) has announced a budding partnership with Urban Streaming Network (USN), a Black-owned streaming platform, for their upcoming 2020 festival. The partnership will allow them to virtually screen over 140 films, educational workshops, and live call-ins with industry professionals for free this Labor Day Weekend until Sept. 14th on the streaming platform.

In addition to the aforementioned, the highly anticipated festival will provide access to panel discussions, networking opportunities, and masterclasses by industry professionals sharing gems on the process of filmmaking from start to finish. The annual event typically takes place during Labor Day weekend in Miami’s Historic Overtown, however, due to COVID-19, Urban Film Festival has decided to include a new digital streaming component to this year’s programming.

Notable celebrities, influencers and participants include: Festival ambassadors Percy “Master P” Miller, Romeo Miller, Allen Maldonado, Philly Fly Boy, MariCarmen Lopez, John Gibson and many more.

Master P, Romeo and Urban Film Festival share a common passion for inspiring, encouraging, and supporting the growth of the up and coming film community through exposure and education.

“We are committed to pushing the culture forward one film at a time by providing filmmakers the tools and skills they need to thrive in this ever-changing industry,” said Marco (Mall) Molinet, co-founder of Florida Film House.

Content will stream continuously from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on the Urban Film Festival website, where attendees will also be able to access the Urban Streaming Network. Festival-goers will be able to gain unlimited, free access to curated filmmaker’s content along with educational tools that can be screened until September 14, 2020.

Urban Film Festival is possible with support from the City of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon, The Southeast Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency, The City of Miami, Simkins Family Foundation, The Greater Miami Convention Visitors Bureau, Miami Dade County Arts, World Wide Urban Distribution, Franc Village Studios, Overtown Children’s Youth Coalition, 1st Take Youth Film Program and Florida Film House.

For more information and to register, please visit www.urbanfilmfestivals.com.

About Urban Film Festival

Urban Film Festival is dedicated to educating, exposing, and providing distribution opportunities for the new generation of filmmakers. At UFF we celebrate culturally driven content, and are proud to be a platform for up and coming urban filmmakers to share the stories of their communities.

We are one of the largest international gatherings of urban film industry experts, content creators, and enthusiasts. Our workshops are designed to provide the new age filmmaker with tools and insight from industry professionals to enhance their productions. We provide our filmmakers with the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces and provide them with the education and resources they need to monetize from their content. Urban Film Festival is truly dedicated to the creative and professional growth of the new generation of filmmakers.

About Urban Streaming Network

Urban Streaming Network is the leader in streaming multicultural urban content. USN allows consumers to stream content free of charge across multiple devices. Content Creators are allowed a la carte distribution and monetization capabilities. Providing a la carte distribution options gives Content Creators access to their own USN dashboard. USN dashboards allow Content Creators to see how content is monetizing and gives them the ability to cash out on their own setup wallet. This process will encourage content creators and influencers to upload and market their content on Urban Streaming Network over competitors for better, easier monetization.

About Florida Film House

Florida Film House is a team of young, passionate filmmakers working together to tell the stories of their communities to their generation. We have filmed over 1,000 productions together as a team, while vertically integrating our business allowing us to underwrite the majority of expenses, positioning us the ability to develop content and films efficiently.

Urban Film Festival Distribution Opportunities

Since the conception of UFF, one of our main initiatives has been to facilitate our filmmakers with direct opportunities for distribution and exposure. We are excited and proud to announce our partnership with World Wide Urban Distribution (WWUD). WWUD specializes in globally distributing content through traditional and new age contemporary platforms- AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, OTT PPV, communication broadcasters, apps, and live streaming.

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