It’s all about the “Pure Finesse”

A team of con artists from Buffalo, NY finesse their way through metropolitan Atlanta, engaging in multiple scams, and swindling hustlers and businessmen alike. After manipulating a Mexican crime lord for five kilos, crew member Pedro Hernandez gets murdered, leaving the band of thieves thirsty for revenge. In this saga of money, regrets, and deceit, the stakes are high as no one is off limits from getting FINESSED.


Enrique Reddick
Lucky, who recently just moved to Atlanta, attempting to avoid the trouble back home in Buffalo is s a little rough around the edges but he quickly adapts to his environment with the help of his childhood friends. Over time he develops a soft spot for Divinity, a sexy temptress from Miami. Lucky is a good-natured person at heart but his dark side can emerge quickly.

Marianna Garcia
Reenie is Lucky’s younger sister and is extremely motivated about getting to the money. She has a lot of sex appeal but it is her personality that is the key that unlocks the doors to the forbidding rooms. Her charisma mixed with her erotic features makes Reenie difficult to resist.

Ponzo Houdini 
Maine is a charismatic hustler with boyish looks who has been friends with Lucky and Jason since they were in elementary school. He is the most level-headed one out of the crew and thinks with reason as every move is calculated.

Iesha Owens
Divinity is s a Beautiful chocolate stallion who uses sex as a weapon. She is originally from Miami but will travel wherever the money is. She was exposed to the streets at the age of fourteen and has been on her grind ever since, selling everything from drugs to sex. Divinity is a hustler’s dream and a sucka’s nightmare.

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