Your Majesty Oriana ask, “Which Queen Are You?”

The Dance-Pop Fashion hit, Mannequin in the Mirror by Your Majesty Oriana is released worldwide. Along with the release of Mannequin in the Mirror, Your Majesty Oriana launches the “Which Queen Are You” campaign in order to promote the upcoming release of their EP, QUEEN available September 7th, 2019.

Which Queen Are You Quiz

Fusing infectious choruses, electronic dance hooks, and homages to ’90s Madonna, Your Majesty Oriana comments on the originality of pop music: “I wrote this song after hearing that I was just a ‘wannabee queen’ like Madonna or Lady Gaga,” says Oriana. “So, I decided to have a little fun with it. I know who I am. Let them talk.” Mannequin in the Mirror follows a victim of identity theft over an irresistible dance beat and pulsing bass. The lyrics create a journey of both the victim and aggressor to capture both sides of the story, showing how ruthless ambition can make you lose yourself on the way to the top.

Mannequin in the Mirror is the third song release by Your Majesty Oriana, available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon. With its release, Your Majesty Oriana invites listeners to go deeper into their world by asking “Which Queen Are You?” The human heart is ruled by one of four queens: Power, Love, Desire, or Pain. Each song from QUEENrepresents a different side to your humanity. Take the “Which Queen Are You” quiz to find out which queen you are and then go listen to WTLG, Gloriana,or Mannequin in the Mirror to hear your Queen’s anthem.

Your Majesty Oriana is an androgynous, non-binary solo artist and entertainer known for their flashy costumes, theatrical flair and transportive music. A seasoned performer, Oriana has been on the stage and in the studio for the last ten years. Formerly based in the Twin Cities as Tyler Stafford, Your Majesty Oriana is sharing their passion with the world from Los Angeles.

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