Twiggy Pucci Garcon: Elevation! Motivation! Determination!

It’s not everyday that I meet someone that really has me in awe of all they have accomplished. Having the opportunity to speak with Twiggy I was able to get the story behind the story. The true reality of what lead to the greatness we know as Twiggy Pucci Garcon.

Known by many for her amazing work on KiKi! Twiggy is a name that rings bells from Fashion, to Film, to the Ballroom Scene and around the Non-Profit Community bettering the lives of those of us in the Culture.

Kiki is an American-Swedish co-produced documentary film, released in 2016. It takes place in New York City, New York, and focuses on the “drag and voguing scene [and] surveys the lives of LGBT youth of color at a time when Black Lives Matter and trans rights are making front-page headlines”. The film was directed by Sara Jordenö and considered an unofficial sequel to the influential 1990 film Paris Is Burning, the film profiles several young LGBT people of colour participating in contemporary LGBT African American ball culture.

Source- Wikipedia

Now, doing it for the culture on a whole new level, Twiggy is behind the scenes at one of the Trend Setting shows of the season, Pose on FX! Yep. I said it…. Twiggy is one of the creatives behind the scenes with Pose and is using her life experience for an execution that we have grown to love. How, you ask! I’ll let her tell you for herself.

Take a moment and allow me to introduce you to the GREATNESS of Twiggy!

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