PV Knude delivers ‘The Anti-Terror Album’

The Anti-Terror Album is an alternative pop music record that was written as a response to a clandestine governmental terror exercise that PV Knude got hold of and leaking through art and music. PV Knude is interested in contemporary music that has empowering, political ambitions and effects. The Anti-Terror Album is presented through the Museum of Contemporary Art [DK] and Creative Europe [EU] and is recorded with an amazing team of diverse musicians in Copenhagen, Belgrade and London,” says Knude.

With The Anti-Terror Album, PV Knude turns the entire concept of anti-terrorism upside down. To him, the real terror is not an external threat. Rather, the terror stems from our own fears and prejudices that are fed by narratives such as ‘KRISØV 2017’. And from the imagined threats that we ourselves build up and manifest, for example in the form of physical anti-terror barriers.

The Anti-Terror Album is written and produced by Knude and is co-produced by Angel Wei (First Hate) and Mads Brinch (Sauna Studio engineer in CPH). It is presented and payed for generously by the Museum of Contemporary Art (DK) and an international large scale European production under creative Europe that aim to use music to solve political conflicts. The release of The Anti-Terror Album is the centerpiece of Knude’s solo exhibition at the museum in January (January 23- May 10 2020) where a very beautiful vinyl (300 copies) will be released

The Anti-Terror Album – TRACKLISTING
01. A Racist Nation
02. Nasty Fruit (Wake You Up)
03. The Wound of Cinema (feat. Angel Wei)
04. A Rebel And A State Agency
05. Alchemy Expression
06. An Evening Prayer (Interlude)
07. The More
08. I Am Begging You
09. Think Of Me As A Lady
10. Who Is Your Criminal?
11. Jacinda (A Tribute To The New Zealand Prime Minister)
12. Safety Is A Child Of Terror
13. Moneycock (Feat. Mija Milovic)
14. Kiss Him (Bonustrack)










Peter Voss-Knude (b. 1987) is an artist and songwriter. Using art, poetry and lyrics as a
tool, Peter Voss-Knude establishes unexpected collaborations with major institutions of
society, prompting conversations on difficult topics such as war, military defence and

In collaboration with the Danish armed forces and its soldiers, Peter Voss-Knude has
released two pop albums (2016–17), which can be heard on Spotify and iTunes. His third
album, THE ANTI-TERROR ALBUM, will be released in January 2020; it will also be
released on vinyl by the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Peter Voss-Knude has previously been an activist in the Russian artist group VOINA, and
during his undergraduate studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, he applied to be a
police officer with The Metropolitan Police in London, intending to write poems about the
work. Peter Voss-Knude holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and Art History from Goldsmiths
and is currently attending the MFA programme at Kunst- og designhøgskolen in Bergen.

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