Our Panties Are Droppin’ For Deney Adam’s “Heart Drop”

If pop and house music had a baby and circuit music was its god mother, its name would be “Heart Drop”, the new single from Deney Adam. “The song is about the best hook up in your life,” he explains. “The kind that makes you scream ‘I love you!’ even though you know you’re lying.”

Written by Nisha Asnani and produced by Mher Filian, the dark, sinister jam is the second release from his upcoming Sandcastle EP. It follows “Blue” released earlier this year.

According to Deney Adam, every song on the new EP is different, delivering its own message covering an array of subjects. “They’re about sex, beauty, youth, and break ups, but what makes them all come together is their similar sonic vibe. I wanted the EP to feel worldly and maybe add a little spice to everyone’s lives.”

The music video for “Heart Drop” was shot and directed by Mike Ruiz with David Berman as Director of Photography. It features a nearly naked Deney Adam, locked inside a glass case. “I wanted to convey that feeling of being trapped in a situation; when just at the moment that you think you are finally free from it, you find yourself right back where you started.”

As for the naked part, he says he had no problem with it. “Being nude is freedom for me!” He takes pleasure in showing off his finely sculpted physique. “I am a health freak to the point where my friends get annoyed with my commitment to fitness. But I don’t do it just for looks, it’s also for my sanity.”

When Deney Adam is not recording, he’s working his full-time job as a make-up artist in New York City. His work has been featured in numerous magazines including Vogue, Interview and the New York Times. He has worked with top designers including François Nars and Tom Ford and photographers Steven Klein and Mario Testino, among others. His celebrity clientele includes Lady Gaga, Daya and Kiiara. He was even featured in Susanne Bartsch’s Netflix documentary.

“I never intended to be a makeup artist,” he admits. “It’s something I fell into after I got a job at Mac cosmetics. I happened to be good at it so from the make-up counter, I got into agency work and it’s been a wild ride that has allowed me to work with some of the most creative people on the planet. I love doing makeup but music has always been a big part of my life and I have never let go of my passion to sing.”

With his new pop platform, Deney Adam hopes to be a strong voice for the LGBTQ community and encourage all to dream big and to keep pushing. He feels that if he can help listeners to forget about their problems, if even for a moment, then he has accomplished his job as an artist.

Deney Adam’s “Heart Drop” is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms. Follow on Instagram.

Photo By Mike Ruiz