KiSMiT “Every Shade of You”

LA-based genre-blending indie duo KiSMiT premiered their latest artsy music video on Friday, exclusively via Popdust. Every Shade of You is a tender, paint covered art piece that showcases KiSMiT’s deep chemistry and connection.

Every Shade of You is a reminder that real-life relationships exist mostly in-between the worlds of the euphoric love song and the heartbroken ballad. Carly Barnette, the female lead of KiSMiT, dives into these murky waters and brings colorful clarity to the situation, declaring  “Baby I love every shade of you, fiery red and loyal blue.” In the visual, the duo portrays the ways in which partners share themselves with one another, by painting the varying shades of emotions upon each other .
Every Shade of You is the final release before the duo’s Cosmic Love EP lands on all popular streaming platforms in late April.
Previous singles Cosmic Love and Panther have been potent and vivid statements of the duo’s intent. Impose Magazine called the duo “A shot of vitality… Baz King has mastered funk guitar and Barnette owns her vocals”, while Gems & Secrets raved on how the duo “expertly blends elements of funk and R&B throughout”.

KiSMiT on Every Shade of You

Carly, “We celebrated our five year anniversary at the beginning of this year and can confidently say that love holds up a mirror to yourself. More often than not it shows you the sides that are hidden from daily view: the insecure and unflattering. When you are growing and changing and accepting, it’s hard to find peace day to day, let alone expect someone else to love those darker parts of yourself.”
Baz King, “Not to disregard the beautiful romance, trust & companionship aspects of love, ‘Every Shade of You’ is a reminder that bickering has its role in bliss. We wrote this song as a reflection of our experience that love grows deeper when you embrace each other’s demons & angels.”

About the Video:

Carly, “When we finished writing the song, I had a vision of shooting a video in my uncle, Jeff Leonard’s studio in Brooklyn. He is the only other creative in my family and has always inspired me. He’s been in his studio making countless pieces for the past 20 years. Jeff was generous enough to let us take a day to film in his space. All of the phenomenal art that you see is his.”
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