Jason Innocent: Dissection

Featuring a collection of interviews with black American men, women, and transgender individuals as they are asked about love, their American experience, pride, and insecurity, Dissection kicks off with the definition of dissection, looking to dive deep and dissect something as complex as being black in America in 2019.

“I want to show the complexity of the black experience in America,” said Innocent. “I want to show people that being black in America is more than being oppressed, more than being scared, more than being hopeful; it’s comprised of so many different layers that it’s simply impossible to explain in just one sentence.” 

Innocent, regarded as an emerging filmmaker today, perfectly encapsulates the complexity of the black American experience by taking to the streets of New York City to receive an everyday perspective, grabbing poignant thoughts from five different individuals and what their everyday is like.

When asked about being black in America, the answers range with such diversity, from answers that include fear for one’s life and safety, to answers that cling to optimism and positivity as more black women than ever before are featured in movies, TV shows, and media today.

Dissection is not designed to present a final solution; it’s designed to start a conversation,” said Innocent. “I am encouraging everyone to sit down and watch this short film, now available for viewing.”Historic photo, video clips, and interviews are sprinkled within modern-day answers to the film’s questions, perfectly highlighting hundreds of years of the black experience in just 15-minutes.

About Jason Innocent

Born in Brooklyn, NY U.S.A. in 1996 – Jason Innocent is a conceptual artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  His work explores race, language, contemporary social issues and span a variety of media, including painting, drawing, art book and  film.

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