Inside The Booth with Hypeman Bizzy and……….

Now listen! Between me and you, cause you ain’t heard nothing from me cuz you know I don’t talk about people. #AndDont…Hypeman Bizzy

The other night I’m on social media minding my good Editor In Chief business and a post comes across my screen. Now, before I get into it, let me set the scene. The other day I announced the new single by Hypeman Bizzy entitled, “Bizzy Wit It.” With the immediate success of his single Bizzy hit the scene and dropped the track during First Friday’s at local Atlanta hotspot, Compound, you know the crowd went crazy. #AndDid

Trap Beckham

Thinking it’s about to be a turn-up type of weekend I’m ready to hit the scene with Bizzy, then to turn around and BOOM! Babeeeeeeeeeeeee, catch it! Bizzy is in the studio with Trap Beckham. Yep! You read it correctly, Trap Beckham.

Now, I tried to get the inside scoop, but sources close to Bizzy tell me that Bizzy won’t confirm if they are working on a song together or not, however, come on now. Trap is killen the game. Bizzy is smashing the game. Trap makes Hits. Bizzy makes Hits. I meannnnnnnn, clearly it’s bout to be a whole move….. #ImReady

In case you didn’t see the in studio footage, you know I had to get my hands on it….

Yep. I told you. I can already picture the club going upppppppppp.

Make sure you download “Bizzy Wit It.” Now Available on all Streaming Platforms!

Hypeman Bizzy

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