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Parents Gay, Lesbian and Straight are confounded to find something for the kiddo’s to do …. Introduce them to Seaper Powers~  entertaining … enchanting… educational!

Children’s Book Series and Animated Film, SEAPER POWERS, Releases its Music Soundtrack Album

“Seaper Powers The Movie Soundtrack” album features various artists and includes ocean inspired music to encourage environmental conservation for children.  Kim Cameron and  Side FX Partners, LLC officially releases the new music soundtrack for the Seaper Powers book series and upcoming feature film animation. “Seaper Powers The Movie Soundtrack” was released on April 9, 2020 and is now available worldwide.


Seaper Powers was created by the multi-talented Kim Cameron, who created, wrote, directed, and produced the series. With her first book coming out in 2011, the series has grown with new stories, an upcoming film, and now a movie soundtrack.

Seaper Powers is a children’s series following the adventures of Emma and her sea creature friends. The latest book, “In Search of Blue Jays Treasure” has been recognized by the Purple Dragon Book Awards. Ms. Cameron has been touring elementary schools and libraries across the country reading her stories and encouraging ocean conservation to children.

“I believe I never really grew up….that is probably why I get along with kids so well.  I wanted to create a series that allowed kids to go back to adventure stories while handing them few reasons why our environment and relationship with animals is so important.” -Kim Cameron

“Seaper Powers The Movie Soundtrack” includes 18 tracks that are featured in the upcoming animation film, which is due to be released in the Summer of 2020. The first single, Mr. Octopus, was released in November 2019 and the video was featured on YouTube Kids. The music matches the ocean theme of the book and film with an eclectic mix of reggae beats, calypso, deep house sounds, electro pop, rap, children’s pop and tropical jazzy notes. Musical voices and talent for the music include, Kim Cameron, John DePatie, Kris Pierce, Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga, among others. 

The soundtrack has already been receiving awards from Film Festivals worldwide including the New York International Film Awards (Best Soundtrack), World Film Carnival-Singapore (Best Soundtrack), and Aphrodite Film Awards (Best Soundtrack), among others.

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