Dinosoul releases the visual for “Let Me Go”

“Pain is medicine, pleasure is disease.” So goes the mantra behind queer Pittsburgh two-piece Dinosoul’s dark synth-soaked indie rock. Within these haunted vocals, bold guitars and buzzing synths are songs that never shy away from the difficult twists and turns of existence, songs that refuse to reduce life experiences into simplicity. 

Take the band’s latest single, Let Me Go as a case in point. Vocalist/guitarist Donny Donovan describes the track as “borderline manic… our chorus screams ‘you won’t let me go’ while the bridge begs ‘don’t let, let me go.” Vocalist/keys player Carolyn Hilliard explains, “the song is an evolutionary experience. Everything from the members of our band, to our sound, to the structure, and even the meaning of this song has changed since initially bringing it into this world. It’s morphed multiple times alongside our experiences before finally being released as a single.” Ultimately, when stripped bare, “Let Me Go” is about the universal theme personal responsibility within relationships; while the lyrics are tied into a battle with the past and its hold on the present, the defiant energy of the chorus argues that the protagonist is never going to be let go, rather that letting go is a personal process of evolving and taking responsibility for the future. For those new to Dinosoul, “Let Me Go” is a striking introduction to the dynamic pairing between Donovan’s lower rasp and Hilliard’s glassy vocals (more strident than they’ve ever sounded). 

Dinosoul grew out of the duo’s personal partnership and if there is one central tenet that carries from their personal relationship into every Dinosoul composition then it is trust. Not just of each other, but of the universe at large. Behind these brooding soundscapes is a message that urges the listener to trust the universe; where trusting means embracing pain, relinquishing the need to control, and appreciating what comes as part of the shared journey we are on.

Much like the audio, the visual for “Let Me Go” also went through a series of twists and turns from its original plot-driven vision. Donovan and Hilliard both explain that ultimately “simplicity, movement and the beauty of dance had a different vision for this song. We think this song is so emotionally charged that it ultimately screamed for simplicity during times of angst, distress and uncertainty which yielded the final product. It allowed for the dancers to share their own storyline and invites and allows the viewer/listener to ultimately create their own storyline too.” The video is a proud showcase of the Pittsburgh creative scene with direction by Stephanie Trainer, editing by Karl Nykwest, and featuring local dancers Sara Simmons, Cameron Boyd, Javier Marchan.

“Let Me Go” follows Dinosoul’s 2018 full-length debut album release of Elevenwhich featured the moody call for help 4 AM” and the vital indie punk of Garbage Truck“,alongside nine other cuts, including a reworking of the title track from their 2016 Dimension EP.

Fans can look forward to a series of single releases through the remainder of 2019, beginning with the late September release of “Sorrow”.

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