Blerds Celebrate Diversity and Dreaming in Black at the 2019 Comic-Con San Diego

Do you know what a Blerd is? Come on now! In all honesty I had to be schooled on it recently so if you don’t you aren’t alone.

Blerd- or black nerd, is a term that has gained more and more popularity in the past couple of years. Try searching for #blerd on Instagram and Twitter and you’ll be flooded with tons of nerdtastic thoughts and personalities

This past weekend during Comic-Con 2019, AT&T Dream In Black and Warner Brothers celebrated the Blerd Community.

Comic-Con is one of the biggest events of the year for comic fans and Dream In Black took things up a notch at this year’s event by hosting a #BlerdandBoujee boat party at the annual conference in San Diego by curating a party with a purpose celebrating the huge strides in diversity and inclusion in the space.

The growing trend of Black culture being represented in the comic world has invited a whole new legion of fans, affectionately known as blerds (Black nerds) into a world they have been shut out of for years.

The exclusive event included the cast of Black Lightning, Estelle, DJ D Nice, and the blerd community and Black talent in front of and behind the camera across various fandoms.

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