Are you ready for a Spring Cleaning?

You know what time of year it is. It’s the time where we begin to get our house in order for the good weather. You start rotating the clothes in the closet, and begin on some projects you may have been holding of on. If you’re like me, it’s about time to get your baseboards dusted. LoL!

Allow me to help you by introducing you to Riches Luxury Cleaning.

Every luxury lifestyle requires esthetic, decor and personality. Those same elements must also be kept and maintained with the same expectations and care! 

Riches Luxury Cleaning is a full service lifeline to cleaning and maintaining your lifestyle’s most prized materials. 

“For a living I save people time and help the elite maintain their homes and commercial space in the richest way,” shared Marcus LaBon, Founder of Riches. “With more than 10 years of hospitality experience, I strongly believe that an impeccably clean home is a rich way to live!”

Let Riches Luxury Cleaning be your #1 cleaning choice!

Doesn’t it just get you motivated to get your house in order? LoL! But with the schedules we have these days, it’s good to know Marcus is ready, willing and able to help with our Spring cleaning projects, or any cleaning project.

About The Owner

Hospitality titan Marcus LaBon is bringing luxury cleaning back in style – the millennial way. The Delaware native has just launched his budding cleaning service Riches Luxury, a curated service offered to everyone with an elite mind frame and no time to clean! 

With more than 10 years of hospitality experience, LaBon has created a new way for this generation to look at receiving help with their daily cleaning and maintenance needs. 

Creating authentic experiences with unique cleaning aids, dynamic team support and timely appointments, he’s setting a new standard for the South’s way of utilizing additional helping hands. 

LaBon has landed more than 20 contracts throughout the City of Atlanta within his first three weeks of establishment. This pattern is just the beginning to his self-starting cleaning machine. 

The finer things in life usually come with a cost, but the most luxurious things in life are costly and very, very clean! 

“A clean home is a rich way to live!”

 – Marcus LaBon, Owner of Riches Luxury Cleaning

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