About Us

Mission Statement:
To continue to be innovative, committed, and creative while providing our readers with quality LGBTQ content.

About Us: 
Raynbow Affair is your number one source of all things LGBTQ. Raynbow Affair is designed to provide its patrons with relevant music, news, entertainment, eye-catching consumer ads, and music reviews of their favorite established entertainers living in the LGBTQ community; while also spotlighting independent artists, designers, and authors seeking to gain greater exposure. Our magazine reaches a unique group of consumers who view Raynbow Affair as their source for all things LGBTQ; new trends; fashion; new products; services; entertainment; events and topics relevant to their daily lives — both personal and professional.

Raynbow Affair operates as a web portal and has developed a strong online presence nationally and internationally with the help of our social media presence and digital issues.  We are your connection to LGBTQ scene.

Raynbow Affair digital content is accessible electronically on mobile devices and promoted through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and multiple digital partners across the globe.

Our online directory set to launch in November 2018 will bring you the LGBTQ dining, nightlife, events, entertainment, health, education and much more!