World’s First A.I. Sex Toy Breaks $240,000 & 1800 Backers With 20 Days Still Left in Crowdfunding Campaign!

The company behind the highest-crowdfunded male sex toy, Autoblow 2, is back on Indiegogo 4 years later and on track to break its own record with the first ever device that uses artificial intelligence to replicate human sexual actions. A team of scientists applied machine learning to a dataset of more than 8,000 minutes of videos containing oral sex performed upon men and discovered 16 movements that are the building blocks of blowjobs. The new Autoblow A.I. uses those movements to give men 10 different oral sex experiences including one that creates the important human element of surprise.

The campaign launched on October 17th, 2018 with a goal of raising $50,000 and a month later almost 1900 men have pledged more than $240,000 to fund its creation. The campaign will end on December 17th, 2018.

The Autoblow A.I. uses a microcontroller in combination with an I.R. beam sensor and magnetic field sensors to control a gripper that manipulates a fleshy sleeve between any of 250 different points along a 5-inch-long stroking plane to deliver a variety of human-like movements to the user’s penis.

Inventor Brian Sloan said, “Men wanted a machine that provided more gliding and more friction, and mechanically speaking, that’s what I plan on giving them. But to make sure that the sensations my machine causes are as realistic as possible, I put together a team of A.I. scientists to help me turn my idea into reality. My data entry team watched and annotated 109 hours of oral sex videos and our scientists applied several machine learning algorithms to the dataset to discover, for the first time ever, the movements that occur during blowjobs. As a result, Autoblow A.I.’s movements will be less robotic and more human.

The campaign has appeared in media worldwide including on Vice, Playboy The Sun, Lad Bible, El Espanol, Worldstar Hip Hop, GQ, and on other websites.

About Autoblow Inventor Brian Sloan:

Sex toy inventor Brian Sloan graduated from law school in 2005 but decided he had a greater potential helping people masturbate than he did helping them with their legal problems. Sloan lived in China from 2007-2016 where he developed and manufactured several brands of sex toys, including the Autoblow, which was later crowdfunded on Indiegogo as the “Autoblow 2” in 2014. He has been written about on Business Insider, Mic, Maxim, M e n’s  H ea lt h, Vice,Buzzfeed, The Sun, Observer, GQ UK, in a profile in Playboy Magazine, and in other news outlets. His company is now focused on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to make his male sex toy, the Autoblow A.I., more like a human and less like a machine.

Indiegogo campaign Link

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