Van Bobbi releases Amelia Earhart (Afterglo Remix)

Van Bobbi

The journey of Van Bobbi began in Downtown Los Angeles on 8th/Spring street in the fall of 2016. With the desire to create a project that reflected the musicians love of R&B, pop, funk and Afro-beat, Van Bobbi created a musical entity fusing elements of all his favorite genres, while seeking influence from the likes of Van Morrison to Janet Jackson, to Chromeo and Blood Orange.

His latest single ‘Kickdrum Heartbeat’ is a spiritual elixir meant to uplift and regenerate the soul. It is a call to dance and spread good vibes despite the uncertain state of the world. Featuring emotive drum rhythms, infectious hooks and layered synths, the single succeeds in delivering a statement which is both primal and visceral. Having studied Afro-cuban drums, the songwriter incorporates groove-laden beats throughout the track. “I like hard-hitting drums and dancing basslines. I also love to sneak in bits of ‘ear-candy’ and fun little percussive sounds that come out of nowhere. Phil Collins is someone I love for drums”, reveals Van Bobbi.Thematically the song is about remaining positive and letting storms pass patiently.

Van Bobbi confides, “I hope my music inspires people to celebrate life and I hope it shields them from pain. I hope my music augments a given experience or situation. I hope it inspires healing”.

FUN FACTS: Van Bobbi has a strong affinity for coffee, coconut lotion and dried mangos. He takes 2-3 baths a day, has lived in Denmark for close to a year and can say “Hello how are you?” in about 26 languages.

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