Meet LoneMoon, The Artist Who Has Come Out As Transgender To Free Herself


LoneMoon originated on Soundcloud in 2013 with music inspired by the electronic sounds of Deadmau5 and Madeon. Gospel, 80’s pop music, smooth jazz and classical music from the radio was the environment from which the first tracks surfaced. The beautiful cherry blossom trees of Atsugi, Japan and the desert landscapes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, also surrounded Moon’s origins. Typically, the beginnings of LoneMoon music were characterized by an orchestral arrangement, a piano piece, or music inspired by video games such as the Sonic and Nintendo games.

Moon’s sound soon evolved into heavy electronic themes and continued to progress into the electronic realm with the album whereisluna; which became a hallmark in the progression of the LoneMoon sound. After, LoneMoon made a natural progression into hip-hop, adding an EDM flavor to many tracks.

In Oklahoma, LoneMoon built a musical presence by playing festivals and opening for Yung Pinch in 2018. After releasing Apollo 18 in 2016, LoneMoon released Forgiveness, a compilation of music released in the years of 2015-2017. “Fall” would be showcased as the lead single off the album and it garnered a massive response on Soundcloud.  Next up was the funky, yet smooth collaboration with Who Came After & Neila, “Need U”, which was released on Night Owl Collective in 2018.

After premiering the first video, “Back To It,” from the forthcoming new project, Better Luck Next Time, in early September and receiving an uncomfortable amount of attention, Moon decided to finally acknowledge something he had in fact been struggling with for years behind the scenes—a secret that only family and close friends were privy too; that he was a she and was in the process of transitioning.  This now public acknowledgment, which DJbooth so compassionately detailed in there just released feature, didn’t take place without overwhelming fear, anxiety or trepidation.  Yet, the courage LoneMoon has been privately displaying for years stands in pale comparison to the bravery she has shown with today’s public acknowledgement. She had to free herself, to truly be herself.

In addition to DJbooth’s feature, LoneMoon also premiered a new video for “Say No More,” which deals directly with her coming out, resigned to the fact that her path will create obstacles “boys gone talk, girls gone talk, everybody talk too much,” but also taking comfort that she is finally free to be herself “unlocking my cell, save me from this hell.”

“Hi, I’m LoneMoon.  I make music and I want to make a difference in people’s lives.’  I want to, first and foremost, have an impact.  Even if it’s just changing your perspective on small things.”

LoneMoon’s Better Luck Next Time album will impact on 10-19-2018.


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