On the Road To Recovery

Every now and then there is a story that captures your heart. Last night for me it was the story about one man’s Road to Recovery.

This one hit me as I know so many of my friends who have gone through it, and I know the struggle to climb back to the top. In my effort to do a good deed for the day, I had to share this with you all.

I’m a person of compassion and sincerity for others, strong determination and a reliability that lets a person know that I’m dependable. I say these things about myself and know them to be true because of others around me. Recently within the last few months due to a streak of unfortunate life mishaps, several possession has been lost, things that include, employment, housing, financial stability but more importantly out of these, I’ve lost confidence in myself. I have a terrific support system who has been great, however, it’s now becoming overwhelming. I have been granted an opportunity to revitalize and regain a reassuring sense of self and stability in Kissimmee FL. I’m am blessed to have the opportunity presented to me and eager to receive it, however, a lot is being given to make this happen. I’m in pursuit of support so I’m not a financial burden towards this welcoming invitation and stability to maintain until I receive computation from a waiting employer.

I can’t think of a word to extend my gratitude but it will definitely be expressed in my actions once my destination is reached. Any charitable gift received is symbolic of the beliefs in a young man’s aspiration towards achieving goals and also a valuable Encouragement to pursue it …

Support his Road to Recovery

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