Editor’s Review “I Feel Pretty”

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of “I Feel Pretty” starring Amy Schumer. The theatre was loaded and the patrons were ready for a good time. Q100 (Atlanta) hosted the event and had the crowd hype. However, when Amy Schumer came out we all went crazy. I love her!

Renee Bennett (Schumer) knows what it’s like to be average in a world of the genetically blessed. After falling off an exercise bike and banging her head, she believes a spell has suddenly made her gorgeous. Except to everyone else, she looks exactly the same. Renee’s new confidence suddenly sees her climbing the ranks at the cosmetics company she works for, getting the respect of her idol and boss, Avery LeClaire (Williams). Ultimately Renee realizes ‘the spell’ has lifted, but through the process learns true beauty is not skin deep.

From my viewing, I feel Pretty is a comedy that focuses on the challenges of low self-esteem and the reality o what people face when it comes to looking “perfect.” This comedic relief is truly hilarious. The way the subject is presented is in a way that is fit for every one male, female, old, young, and all in-between.

I Feel Pretty

My favorite part of the film is the end. The way I laughed through the whole film and to get to the end and actually take something away from the film, this is truly a win. Amy Schumer did an amazing job with her execution. The visuals were eye pleasing. The soundtrack is fun and light. Nothing heavy or misplaced. Most of all, the film is relatable.

Overall, I give the movie a “Must See” rating.


Amy Schumer


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