M. Tennyson Releases “Easy”

M. Tennyson

Los Angeles multidisciplinary artist M. Tennyson shares his debut single “Easy” from his upcoming Boy Untitled EP. Exploring themes of stagnation and recognizing life’s never-ending cycle, Tennyson croons about the struggles of finding the freedom to be himself amidst his family’s religious foundation.

“Easy” is about my struggle to find unconditional love with my family since childhood and coming out. After years of living the same story, I found my voice and accepted the pain I think we all feel when being judged or shamed for who we are. Recognizing that feeling of powerlessness is the first step in the journey of personal evolution.” – M. Tennyson

Boy Untitled EP is the musical companion piece to Tennyson’s upcoming illustrated book of poetry. Tennyson began this journey as a 30-day writing challenge inspired by his recent 30th birthday. His poetry sparked so much inspiration and accolades from his network that Tennyson decided to morph his work into a 5-part, fully illustrated book, titled A Wanderer’s Love Letter To The Universe. This thematic hero’s journey follows the Wanderer through the 5 step process of personal evolution – Stagnation, Recognition, Action, Victory, and Evolution – the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. While finishing the book, Tennyson was inspired to write music mirroring these same themes.

Although a classically trained pianist and vocalist throughout his childhood, M. Tennyson didn’t explore his own musical writing until this past year. He knew A Wanderer’s Love Letter To The Universe needed more than just illustrations to lift his words from the page and the music just flowed out of him. Executive produced by Rush Davis, Boy Untitled boasts Tennyson’s crisp, earnest vocals and an alternative pop sound that jumps from ethereal pop to vibrant, dancey electronica. The 5 track EP is perfectly in tune with the 5 stages of the book, and each track will be released individually representing each movement.

A Wanderer’s Love Letter To The Universe and Boy Untitled EP are the debut artistic efforts from the Los Angeles creative. Tennyson has been involved in the city’s art scene for over 10 years, curating installations with LA Pride, The Savage Family, Queer Biennial and more. Tennyson felt this the perfect moment to escape from behind the scenes and offer up his deepest artistic efforts with the world. As he continues to release music from Boy Untitled, keep an eye out for more content to come.

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