More than just Two Sides


Recently, we reported that TVOne will be airing a series by the name of “Two Sides.”

Two Sides take a realistic approach to 4 life-shattering events that have become a driving force behind the #Woke movement that is present on social media. Driving for social equality and social justice, the woke movement strives to bring awareness to the injustice and inexcusable actions that minorities go through based on prejudice and hate.

Taking the time to go beyond the headlines, Two Sides gives you the story from a multi-dimensional angle. The community. The family. Law enforcement. And, other facets that are affected or have an effect on the matter. With such an approach, it allows the viewer to be educated on the facts and begin to form their own opinion based on the true dynamics of the matter oppose to a bias report derived from a bias source.

Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. From anger to fear to hurt and all emotions in-between. The facts of the cases presented force you to become #Woke and recognize that the story is deeper than the headlines.

On a recent call with the families of the victims, I learned that the healing process is more complex than one day at a time. The hurt in the voices of the family members provides a story within the story. To know that there are children who will never know their parent outside of pictures shapes the reality of how the headlines do the stories no justice. There is more to the victims than the one action that is discussed in the headlines. They are a brother, sister, friend, mother, father, resource, partner and more. Their story didn’t start with the headline, however, tragically it ends with it.

In an effort to educate, I encourage you to always go beyond the Headlines. Begin to be more involved in your communities, as one of the key items discussed amongst the families, being known within your community and knowing your local law enforcement can help as we continue to drive the force behind the #Woke movement as well as encouraging people to be more involved as a whole.

TVOne advised that the growing need to educate the viewer on the facts helped to greenlight this show for production. Not being afraid to be apart of the solution, TVOne is leading the movement with getting the stories out without bias. The leading episode of Two Sides focuses on the story of Eric Garner. I can honestly say that there is so much more to the story that I was unaware of before my viewing of Two Sides. I’m sure there will be something you learn that helps you to formulate a fact-based opinion as to if justice was served.

If you are ready to be a part of the solution and help fix the problem or if you would just like to be informed in a non-bias manner, tune in to Two Sides, Monday, January 22 at 10:00 p.m. (ET) on TV One.

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