The Odds Against U.S.

The Journey

A must-see” production by Chris “The Journey” James. A poignant tale that highlights the untold narratives of youth struggling with overwhelming odds against them. An uncensored inside look into the hearts, minds, & souls of today’s youth. The Odds Against U.S. is a compelling, inspiring, remarkable, and most of all a captivating story filled with brilliant acting, superb singing, and is infused with deep raw emotions that move you. The story revolves around the lives of a series of young people that take you on a powerful journey into their stories.

This play discusses the reality of urban youth but from their perspective. It is written and performed in poetry-verse and highlights the untold narratives of urban youth who deal with so many odds that are stacked against them such as poverty, academic distress, environmental imprisonment, violence, absent fathers, teen pregnancy and more. The play has been used to help identify the struggles and cultural behaviors of urban youth while also helping educators and even parents to understand this demographic of students. Students too have been able to get a better understanding of their own realities after witnessing this production.

This dynamic play is written, Directed and produced by Chris “The Journey” James. It features an amazing cast of actors and actresses who are endowed with the ability to engage their viewer’s interest and attention. They are able to tap into the heart of the audience and leave attendees spellbound.

January 19th 7 pm Show

January 20th 2 pm and 8 pm Shows

Atlanta 3D Complex Center, 2244 Panola Rd, Lithonia, GA

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The Journey

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