New Season of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Airing November 25th at 9pm ET (Exclusive Pics from Media Dinner)

Last night I attended a media dinner with some of the cast from the hit series “Sweetie Pie’s” on OWN tv.

Miss Robbie and the Sweetie Pie’s family are back to put some delight in your Saturday nights! “With family, you’re going to have your fights, you’re going to have your ups and downs,” Miss Robbie says, “but at the end, they always come back together.” Here, get a sneak peek at the brand new season.

Tune in to the season premiere of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s on Saturday, November 25, at 9/8c.


Dinner was amazing. We had the chance to have great conversation and get to know Miss Robbie beyond what is shown on our screen. A woman of trust grace and poise, Miss Robbie, allowed us to understand that it requires a lot to be the boss. More than just a boss, she is a woman who cares about her customers. The passion expressed by her in reference to her appreciation for her customers, she lead by saying, “they could go anywhere,” which is a reflection for her understanding of value and consumer decision.

To her right sat the one and only Charles Crenshaw.


Charles was such a delight. He kept the table filled with laughter and added to the scope of the business as we began to understand the expansion into the LA and Houston Markets. When they say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the true, Charles is a true representation of that. His genuine growth process from being a child at the restaurant to running a restaurant, he allowed us a moment into his world as he expressed the daily reality of dealing with employees, vendors and everything else in-between.

As you can see from the sneak peek above, this season is nothing short of amazing. The family drama, continued laughter, and overall love is something that will keep the fans tuned in on Saturday nights. Get ready as this season kicks off 11/25 and you don’t want to miss the season debut.

Oh yeah, I called myself being a photographer last night. Take a look at a few of the pics from my view!

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