Clapback Season: Tami Roman vs. BawnTV

Recently, we posted on the upcoming series entitled “The District” by BawnTV that was slated to star Reality Star, Tami Roman. Babeeeeeeeeee, how the tables have turned.

Earlier today, Tami took to social media during her games “Bonnet Chronicles” and let it be known that allegedly BawnTV hadn’t paid her. Catch Tea!

Being the Editor In Chief that I am, II places a call directly to the CEO of BawnTV, Anthony Bawn. Upon speaking with Anthony, he was willing to state his side.

Per Mr. Bawn,

There were some miscommunications with reference to the second half of Tami’s payment due. The first half was paid up front in February, 5 months before the project began. The miscommunication began after Tami fired her then agent and BawnTV was left in the dark as to who or where to send the funds. There was some back and forth due to delays in payment, however, there was never a disappearing act pulled.

With that, Anthony Bawn went on record advising that as of today 11/25/17, Tami Roman has been paid all funds that were due to her. Furthermore, “The District” is no longer as BawnTV has decided NOT to release the project at all.

I asked Anthony if I could leak an episode or two and he laughed. A laugh isn’t a No so don’t be surprised if I get my hands on some unreleased footage. #Okray!

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