Style fashion hacks and tips for the fall season

This fall season, check out some style inspirations from lifestyle expert and TV host Kia Malone. She shares tips on how to update your wardrobe for the fall season, some of her own personal style hacks and easy ways to enhance your features. Looking for new ways to incorporate color into your everyday look? Malone has the answers. She is a familiar face in the media landscape and now she wants to share her style with you! There is no season like fall. With the crisp cool air and the fall foliage, it is a perfect time to look around for those colorful inspirations and add them to your wardrobe. From personal beauty trends to enhancing the eyes, or even maintaining a fitness routine, Malone joins The Hype Magazine for a one on one satellite interview about fall fashion that will leave you with some great take ways for this fall season.

Okay Kia – we are moving into the fall season.  What’s the first thing we should do to update our fall look?

Start with yourself Look at your hair — say okay you know what, I’m tired of wearing the same old hairstyle. Well decide, do you want to cut your hair maybe add extensions? Those are all really fun things that you can do to update your look. Even look at the color of your hair. Beautiful rich burgundy hair color is very in right now. Caramel, chocolate things like that maybe add some highlights around your face to kind of you know accentuate your face. Those are all easy things that you can do. You can even add bronzer when you’re talking about makeup, maybe add a little natural bronzer. Maybe change up your lipstick. Easy things that you can do to update your look.

 What are some quick and effortless ways we can enhance features without a dramatic change?

If you do wear makeup, maybe change the eye shadow color that you use. Maybe go with a brown color or you know something to highlight your eyes and speaking of the eyes, because we know the eyes are so important my next tip for you is to perhaps look into changing your eye color. I’m wearing the beautiful hazel color from the air optics color contact lens. Absolutely perfect way to kind of give yourself a little enhancement, update your look perfect for any occasion. The lenses come in nine different natural colors so it goes well for anyone. It’s the perfect ultimate beauty trend for fall and even for you David you can also get in on the fun because men love changing their eye color as well.

Kia – many of us have style hacks. What are some of your style hacks?

I have three for you! If you wear waterproof mascara or even eye shadow, use coconut oil to root as makeup remover to remove your makeup and then if you want to get that perfect eyelash curl, heat up your eyelash curler with your hair dryer. Just a little bit, you don’t want to burn off your eyelashes and then use your eyelash curler. Then finally if you don’t have a lot of time to dry your nails, you can paint your nails and then soak your fingers in ice-cold water in a bowl and it actually cuts your drying time I’d say in half. It sets your color perfectly and that way you don’t have to sit around and wait for your nails to dry.

Where can our viewers go for additional information?

For more information on the air optics colors contact lenses you can go to You can also look them up on Facebook or Instagram. They have a wonderful color studio app where you can upload your picture to the app and then you can try out the different colors of contact lenses to see which one works best for you.


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