Meet The King Of Re-Imaginations: Music Producer J2

Award winning music producer and composer J2 has been dubbed the “King Of Re-Imaginations” for his keen sense of reinventing many classics such as “The Boy Is Mine”, “Man In The Mirror”, “Love Lockdown”, “Born To Be Wild”, “I Believe I Can Fly” and many others. J2 has been one of the first pioneers to create these re-imagination hits where he took a song that everyone knows and made it into something that no one has ever heard before. These songs are not just remixes, but a completely new work and sound; even the tone of the vocals are completely different. What does each of his singles do for the audience when they first listen to the song in each trailer? It gives them a familiar sound, but with deep and creepy undertones. Fans are familiar with each song already, but these new re-imagined singles give them a new experience.

He has revamped these songs like never before and brought nostalgic feel to each version he has touched. By J2 adding familiarized music in new trailers, he helps with box office numbers for each of the TV and Film projects he worked on. The re-imagined hits bring out an incentive for people to go and watch the film. A re-imagined song, like J2’s, can sell 100,000 copies and can get 3 million YouTube views. By reviving older hits, J2 breathes new life into older catalogs. It is not only a smart money making idea, but creative as well. His amazing remixes to these hit songs caught the attention of the industry and have been placed in many TV and film projects such as When The Bough Breaks, Grey’s Anatomy, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Zoo, Passengers, The Man In The High Castle, and many more. J2 puts a new spin on fans’ favorite songs and in each re-imagination, it brings an exciting version that gets the audience more enticed into the trailers for which each song is featured.


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