Eli Liberty, The Man Behind The Music: Try Me Pt 2

Eli Liberty

As Summer days draw to a close, we all know that Cuddle Season is up next. Shout out to those ladies and fellas who have been counting down the days to when they get to be back on 1000. Holding to tradition, R&B starts to emerge and the artist who are up next begin to come to the front. With this, allow me to introduce you to Eli Liberty.

Hailing from the Southside streets of Chicago, Illinois, Elijah Malik Liberty (Werkkkkkkkk Mother for this GOOD Name) (born March 3, 1996), known as Eli Liberty, is an American R&B singer, producer, songwriter, and choreographer…. He betta do it all like all in all…. He is best known for his hit, “No Cuffin,” (2016) from his debut EP, Try Me – Part 1.
After deciding to sing R&B (rhythm & bass), his eclectic palate of fusing multiple musical genres together has proven successful. Moving to and making a name within Atlanta’s “independent artist” scene, he’s noted for not just producing and singing music- he performs it.
“I never wanted to be confined to just one genre,” he said. “I always knew I wanted to be an artist since I was younger. Singing and performing in general felt natural, it felt a part of my purpose. I felt I could do it for the rest of my life. I even started vocal and piano lessons. Performing always made me happy, it was an escape that kept me in check.”
In today’s society, Atlanta is a city where people need something to believe in. It’s a place where the rich mix of culture and highly acclaimed reputation and influence in the music industry are prominent. His diverse blend of genres and conceptual vocals will delight audiences from far and wide, giving them something to believe in.

Try Me Pt 2

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