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Back at it with our Signal 23 Television scoop. Famed Content Creator and Director, Henderson Maddox decided to give us a week “Behind The Scenes.”

Henderson kicked off this weeks session with the following,

Come over there…. No there…. Yea step back to the right. Welcome to Behind the Scenes. Many people do not understand everything it takes to bring the content to the screen. This week I wish to give you a glimpse. Moving into the summer I look around at all that is happening around me and some time I just want to hit pause. Today we have a total of 140 actors on staff, 5 full time crew members, A music supervisor, and myself. I don’t think you can imagine how many pieces it takes to move in the correct direction to get one episode of a show done. Needless to say my life is crazy but I love every second of it! My process starts off with me waking up and coming up with some new show idea. I usually call someone on staff to tell them as they sigh. They sigh because half the time they think I’m crazy cause we already have so much going on. Now here I go to have the nerve to create something new. So after they get past there sigh of disbelief they usually listen and fall in love with the concept. From there I schedule a “Write Club” meeting. I have about 6 writers on staff for Signal 23 Television. We usually sit down from about 7pm until midnight on average. During this meeting we throw everything at the wall until we figure out what sticks. We usually argue, we laugh, and usually there is a moment where I go “But there is no sex scene in this episode”, the room grows quiet and they all turn toward me. There is no secret that we sell sex. Why ? Cause it works. Its not a formula I created. It’s actually what I see all the premium networks do. HBO, Showtime, Starz, they all have some aspect of sex involved with a dynamic story line. So I look over the room and I say… “Dynamic story line and one sex scene” sometimes  the other writers even say it with me to mock me. So after we flesh out outlines for four of five episodes we then decide who will write what. From there once the scripts are done Louis (assistant director) would look at the script and start the casting process. We have a database over about 200 actors I would say and usually the leads I have already chosen in my head. Louis does his magic and feels in the supporting and minor characters. Next, is scheduling this is where things get tricky. He first has to see how we can film the new show with all I already have going on. Then he has to pray that the actors ( who most still work full time jobs) can all be free at the same time to actually set a production date. After that headache things kinda get easy. We show up (we try to be on time, but something always comes up) and we film. The only obstacles at times on set are minor delays but we push through them and we complete the filming. When we film the sex scenes I have a strategic method. To ensure actors are comfortable I usually let them pick their positions. At this point I have directed so many sex scenes I’m all sexed out. Then we only do two takes of the sex scene. The first take is what we call a master, its a wide shot of the entire scene. The second take I move all around getting all types of close up and angels so the editor (Aaron the great) can have some cut aways. After production is complete Aaron takes over and he edits the hell out of the footage. He loads the episode to Vimeo first then to our Roku five days later. Now you think the process is done but its not. Next is when you guys come in to play. My phone usually dings all day and night with your comments. Some comments I do delete because some people say racist or hurtful things and I want to protect my actors from hate. But we pay attention to things you like and don’t like and try to make an effort to include things in future episodes. So you see Behind the Scenes is actually the real movie. If there were cameras following us we would be the number on show on prime time television. Through it all though I love my life, I love everyone in it, and I love that it all stays Behind the Scenes.

This Week’s Show Spotlight

Climax from Henderson Maddox on Vimeo.

Naturally, you know I had to come follow and hit the Signal 23 fans with that DiamondKesawn Realness. Get into this week’s update.

What does it mean to be Behind The Scenes??? When we usually hear the phrase, “Behind The Scenes” it is accompanied by bloopers from a production reel or a cast interview with our favorite celebrities. However, what happens when you relate Behind The Scenes to your everyday Life???

I challenge you to take me Behind The Scenes of your Life… Is it all that we see on social media? Does the car run as good as it looks? Does the label inside the outfit, match the designer you tagged on Instagram? Does the life you live now, match the hand you was dealt as a child? Let’s take it even deeper, does the smile you always wear match the heart inside your chest? Does your Love for HIM match his Love for YOU???

Yeah! Let’s Go THERE…….

Welcome to the World of DiamondKesawn….. I smile to the world, but I hold so much hurt inside. My life is an open book and sometimes all I want to do is change the chapter. They say you define your life, but what happens when you lose your pen and life somehow starts to define you? Have you ever felt that way? How do we deal when the Behind The Scenes doesn’t match the In Front of the World?

Turn with me to Hebrews 13:5 where it reads, “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Did you catch it?

Let that set in for a while! Ok, now let’s talk about it. It’s time to come out from Behind The Scenes and let your light shine. Allow the World to see the Greatness that you posses. Know that the good you give isn’t meant for everyone, so don’t be upset when people leave your life. Allow them to leave as they are making space for those who will appreciate what you bring to the table and aid to the betterment of your life.

Decide to no longer put on for the world, but make the world put on for you. Let your in front of the scene be a true reflection of your behind the scenes. Let the love that lives inside you began to flow through you in abundance. Allow for the ones who are truly in your corner to be there for you and no longer keep your guard so high. Let the love that you desire find you, for when it does you may begin to see how it feels to get back what you give out.

Again, I ask you, What does it mean to be Behind The Scenes? Going forward it means to Live Out Loud! No longer settle for less or accept less than you deserve. Begin to demand respect, appreciation, and admiration. For if they are meant for you these things will come without question.

What does it mean to be Behind The Scenes? It means to know all sides on me. It means to be allowed into my world. It means to accept me flaws and all. Most importantly, it means that you have been allowed behind the wall, and your time spent here should be valued……

Tweet Me and tell me, What it means to be Behind The Scenes with you!

Yes Gawd Hunni!!!!! He came to slay…… LoL!

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