Favorite Day of the Week: Trey Day

When it comes to the world of adult modeling, there are very few models who are able to keep a low profile. It’s been said by many that when you walk into the spotlight treyday3there’s no dimming or turning it off. Well, I have found the one who has broken the mold and he goes by the name of ‘Tre Day.’

Standing 6 feet 2 inches, weighing 158 pounds and wearing a size 13 shoe. Tre day emerged on the scene in late 2015 and has been the talk of #TeamDarskin. Recently, I got the chance to kick it with Tre day and he is truly a humble person who comes across slightly shy.

According to Trey day, he decided to do porn as a hobby. He wasn’t in a bad situation nor was he forced. He wanted to try something new and this was his option of choice. Admitting that he is a freak, Trey day advised that he enjoys doing porn as something tho help him relieve his stress.

Not a man of many words, Trey day introduces us to his personal side. This sculpted chocolate bar is one who likes to lead and not follow.

Trey day on Love,

For those who have emailed me, I can report back that Trey day is in a happy relationship. He talks about his partner with a smile on his face and states that they really make each other happy. As we discuss being in a relationship and being an adult model, Trey day confesses that it only works when you let your partner know their place and you keep all others in their roles as well. Your partner must be secure in who they are as well as where they fall within your life.

Trey day on The Younger Generation,

Trey day isn’t one to run from his life decisions and he is not ashamed to tell the upcoming youth that it is okay to be who you are as long as you are happy within yourself.

Trey day on Upcoming Projects,

As being still a rookie in the adult world, Trey day plans to jump in and get a few more scenes under his belt and get to the schmoney.

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