Editor’s Review: Love at First Night

Let’s talk for a moment. You all know I never lie to you and I keep it all the way real…. The other night I was on Twitter and I noticed people on mt timeline talking about a web series entitled, “Love@FirstNight!”

LAFN2Spencer and Jayden walk us through the stages of their unconventional petty love story. From the outside looking in, Spencer and Jayden appear to be the cliche. Two young black men hooking up after a house party. However, their story takes a unique twist once they realize their attraction for each other is more than a one night stand. One night turns into a weekend of pillow talk, fun, engagement, and passion that sometimes takes months to create. Almost instantly they recognize that their connection shouldn’t be ignored, but no good thing is met without resistance.

I went to the page for the series and I was intrigued by its presentation. I decided to click the link that was pinned to their profile and I was introduced to Episode 1 “Cheers.”

Upon watching episode 1, I was hooked and ended up watching all 5 episodes in one sitting. Of course, I was upset that episode 6 wasn’t out yet but I cooled down. LoL!

Here’s the real, this show is def in my Top 5 now. Very few shows make it on my list, let alone into my Top 5 but this show has done it. It gives me a feel of the everyday life of friends trying to find their way in the seas of love, friendship, and life.

Let’s get into the breakdown:


The cast is ideal. There is a lot of eye candy and the individuals cast truly fit the role that they play. The casting is so good it makes the characters even more realistic.


This show definitely chose not to skimp on the quality. After 5 episodes I had 0 aggravation and that says a lot.


Not only is the story relatable, it is written in a way that allows you to find yourself in what’s going on. Naturally, you pick your favorites and you choose sides but that lets you know just how great of a story it is.

Editor’s Grade

Overall, I give the series a 10 out of 10. There’s nothing I would change, add, or, delete. I am 5 episodes in and ready for what is to come. I hope they don’t let me down. LoL!

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Directed By
Terry Torrington & Sean Torrington
Written By
Terry Torrington
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